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Guardian: 5 Minutes with Natalie


Five minutes with: My Mummymade it

Founder Natalie Rodner talks being both businesswoman and mother, and why having a strong team is vital to success


Can you tell us a bit more about My Mummymade it?

My Mummymade it is a service that delivers fresh, homemade baby and toddler food straight to your door, ready to enjoy on the day or freeze and reheat when needed. We make affordable homemade food for those busy parents who want to give the best to their baby, but don't have the time to cook from scratch. The food is cooked to order and delivered on the day of cooking.

I set up the site after having daughter number two. I found that there was no longer enough time to lovingly mash and purée the food – I had to turn to the occasional shop-bought jar and pouch to make life a bit easier, but I found them very unappetising and knew I could do better.

What have been the biggest challenges for you and your team so far and how did you overcome them?

Juggling a growing business and being a mummy to two young children has been the biggest challenge. Constantly feeling guilty for not spending enough time with the kids, while moving home and the business into a commercial kitchen, changing e-commerce platform, getting a new logo and refrigerated van.

We couldn't have done it without drawing on the strengths from each member of the team, sharing and being open about problems we needed to solve along the way.

How does My Mummymade it make the internet a force for good, as the Nominet Internet Awards celebrated?

We provide a service for busy parents who just want to give the best to their children to eat. Our customers order and pay online and I also give personal advice and recommendations mainly by e-mail. As such, we make the internet a force for good, because we combine the best of a traditional offline business with the best tools and systems that the internet has to offer.

What tips would you give to someone thinking about starting their own digital venture like yours?

Follow your dreams and go for it! There are going to be many challenges that you just can't plan for, but if you don't start the journey in the first place you will never know what might have been.

What's next? What projects or milestones have you got coming up?

We have just moved into purpose-built kitchens based in Bushey and we hope to continue to grow the business by getting more nurseries and childminders on board, in addition to the increasing number of parents we cater for. All the recent changes and improvements allow us to start thinking about expanding deliveries beyond North West London.

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